Rewards comparison between the proposals

I think we should all think together how to calculate potential rewards for each proposals.
And then put it clearly in the first post of this thread.

Here is my interpretation below.

Please reply to this thread to comment and improve it. I’ll edit this post with everyone’s input so that we can all have a clear vision when we vote, and avoid vote based on ignorance.


It isn’t clear to me how we should calculate rewards and have comparison ground.
I am absolutely not sure if my calculations are correct… Please help.

Even in volatile crypto I’m not sure how much is allocated and would be perceived by the DAO as a reward on top of fees…

Let’s compare rewards for a $250 000 pool:

Not so sure about this calculation at all - it’s pretty much random. But SWPR proposal now seems quite good after they updated it: An update from Swapr


With a 217% increase in volume over the past 24h, the $11.76m DAI/HOPR pool on Uni v3 on mainnet has generated $483 in fees. So, although 24h fees fluctuate a lot, if we assumed $483 was cosistent over a period of 30 days, that’s $14.5k for the whole pool, or about $308 in fees on a $250 000 position.

Swapr is unique as swap fee is governed by the DAO, and upon a request from HOPR, the swap fee for the HOPR/wxDAI pair in Swapr on Gnosis Chain can be changed on the range from 0% to 10%.

Also, while fees on Swapr auto-compound into the LP tokens, on Uni v3 it isn’t the case.

It looks like for the small size, the pool on Gnosis Chain is getting decent volume.

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