Discussion Phase Extension

Hi everyone. Thanks for the productive discussion so far, particularly last Thursday’s AMA on Twitter.

My reading of the situation is that the community is converging around two different possible points of consensus:

a) To award a trial period to BOTH projects, managing some portion of the HOPR DAO’s liquidity for some number of months.

b) That the risk of this is too great relative to the upside, and neither project should be chosen to manage any funds.

Option b) will definitely be a choice in the vote phase.

Since the two project teams also seem happy with option a), what I propose is to spend the next 24hrs trying to create more specific proposals for option a), focusing on the following questions:

  • What proportion of the DAO’s total assets should be allocated to this experiment?
  • In what proportion should those assets be split between the two projects?
  • How long should the trial run for?
  • Are there any changes / updates to the two proposals you would need to see (e.g., specifics on reporting?)

Questions on strategy (e.g., what should the projects try to optimise for when managing the funds) are also important, but I believe can be specified later.

I’ll create some threads / polls over the next hour to address these questions. Obviously participants should feel free to make this own threads in parallel. If anyone strongly objects to this approach, please reply to this post.


This is a great way to gauge the majority view on these questions.