Goals of the HOPR Token Launch

From what I read in Sebastian’s post it seems like doing the sale on ethereum network is inevitable. One thing that I really wish is that the price per token is fixed and not dynamic like it is on Balancer for example. If it has to be ethereum and gas wars cannot be avoided, then better just to have just a pure smart-contract-based sale imo.


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I participated in the network. The idea is cool.

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I would like a guaranteed allocation for testnet testers, and if hopr is to be listed on a dex…Something must be done to combat botting! (Hard cap of 5 eth for the first 5 mins for example?)

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totally agree…That is the perfect choice

How about dividing a public sale into 2 stages:
Stage 1 - the sale of tokens to those who participated in testnets, with a guaranteed individual capitalization (for example, maximum $ 1-2k), the list of participants can be compiled on the basis of, for example, e-mail or personal ETH-wallet specified in the testnets.
Stage 2 - Balancer auction for everyone.


Since I don’t know which topic is the main one, let me please share my thoughts here as well:
My thoughts posted in A interesting proposal about the token launch / Balancer:

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I am not sure if this has been mentioned but it will be great to launch on Polkastarter?

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Yes, it’s good for marketing and community.

Made my proposal, vote!

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Sounds good. There will be ~850$ allocations for testers, and everyone from community can buy $Hopr on LBP event.

I think it’s a good idea:
Send 1\5 of the reward first.
Distribute the rest of the award over 3-4 years, with payments every 3 months or more often.

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I don’t think I could think of a better way to distribute the tokens.

Vested rewards for testnet participants would be a good thing, in my opinion, as to prevent people from just dumping their rewards.

If HOPR was to move to a sidechain, I love xDai. Not so much a fan of BSC. I think it’s important to stay as decentralized as possible, and anything to do with Binance we should stay away from.

You are right, This is the best for distribute the token.

Первую фазу можно сделать закрытой для сообщества где можно будет преобрести по фиксированой цене.2 фазу например по ограниченной капе на каждого зарегестрированного.3 фазу открытой в виде аукциона.

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I agree with Cnkid, this is too harsh a statement. For example, I am interested in becoming a long-term holder of HOPR tokens with a lock for a year or a year and a half. And I’m not a whale;)

We had a tough discussion in Russian community. Considering that my proposal (V2.1 #QmbLvRxis) now gaining the largest number of votes, I made a note where I collected my thoughts.

Your idea is to support your own project as for voting
Your suggestion is just to do a pump ich dump

You can distribute the token evenly to testnet participants, with a two-year lockdown
50% of the total token is opened at the end of the first year and 50% in the second year
Each person receiving the tokens must participate in creating or delegating a node on the network
There is a risk of losing the token if it is not authorized or involved in creating a node
Each hopr person receives a token behind authorizing a token or creating a node
The obtained token will be unlocked and everyone has the freedom to do whatever he wants with it

We have a new proposal, with 55m $Hopr for the community sale on LBP, 25m for early adopters (with 420$ cap) and 5m for the providing liquidity.

So, everyone can buy Hopr, and it looks fair for the community, team and early adopters.

If you like it, vote, please, here) #QmPqHdG

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