Goals of the HOPR Token Launch

I am pleased to see a very active discussion on Telegram on how an ideal token launch should look like in the eyes of the community. The dream of the HOPR team is that from the launch, we are building on he principles of privacy, fairness and resilience. So I would like to share my thoughts on the importance of these three angles for your consideration when discussing the token launch of HOPR.

  1. Preserving privacy: The HOPR protocol sets out to protect privacy in ways that are better than existing solutions. This explicitly means that we must also protect the privacy of those who will run HOPR nodes and get HOPR tokens for doing so. Therefore neither HOPR Association nor any third party should identify the users who get HOPR tokens through KYC or other means as that would allow for discrimination, prosecution and censorship of HOPR node runners. This is not about you being OK with opting in to KYC, this is about not giving powerful third parties the ability to stop HOPR.
  2. Fairness:
    2.1 Geographic: The HOPR token should be available to anyone, disregarding where they live or which passport they happen to hold. While HOPR Association has to comply with existing laws and regulations we want to minimize blanket bans on jurisdictions.
    2.2 Timing: Fairness also means that work which was done for the protocol could be rewarded by participating in priority to others. At the same time, those who just joined the HOPR community more recently should not be excluded. We want to build and inclusive privacy community for all of you and together with you.
    2.3 Liquidity matters: While we’re not trying to raise the war chests that the centralized crypto foundations of the last bull market are managing, it is important to realize that liquidity matters: The advent of decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer and many more brought fundamentally more private trading venues that can manage liquidity to the benefit of everyone. Sudden price fluctuations are detrimental to anyone in a community but the liquidity on decentralized exchanges can act as a buffer to resist sudden price swings. While many are afraid of whales unloading large bags of money on a project, it is only fair to recognize that this liquidity can be put to a beneficial work on DEXs for everyone.
  3. Resilience: Ethereum is a vastly popular blockchain that lately becomes expensive for small users who are transmitting little value compared to the transaction fees that can easily reach $10s to $100. At the same time, we have to consider the inconvenient status quo of why Ethereum transactions are so expensive: Today there is no other general-purpose blockchain that provides these levels of censorship resistance, decentralization which also stood the test of time. There are many other blockchains and Ethereum side chains (e.g. Binance Smart Chain, xDAI, Matic, etc) which are capable of hosting blockchain games, art or financial transactions. But the unstoppable privacy network that we seek to build at HOPR needs a resilient foundation. It is unfortunate that this foundation is expensive. But I remain confident that within the next 12 months we will see general purpose scalability solutions (L2s) on top of Ethereum that improve the costs while not significantly degrading the resilience of the decentralized applications running on top of it.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what makes for the most private, fair and resilient token launch.

All the best,


Really wish this was more emphasized, nothing is gonna kill the hype more than new potential stakers feeling like they missed the boat.


My point is, everyone who has joined testnet is qualified to buy
As for the newcomers, they are only looking for speculation and reaping profits, and they will disappear
Where were they before?
The team can assign some tokens to the new uniswap
But the most important are those who participated in creating a contract and supported the project from the start
This is fair


For me, who joined the testnet from the beginning to Wildhopr have a chance to participate in whitelist.


One question is, how much money the token sale should bring to the project.
If the guidelines (only testnet participants, 2k$ max per user) are to restricted, only a limited amount can be raised.
And I don’t like whales neither, but they can provide a new token with liquidity, if needed.

Maybe start a survey, where everyone can tell you, how much he/she would like to invest. If enough small caps join in, you maybe can avoid big investors (if it’s one of your goals)


That is a bit of a harsh assumption that all newbies are just trying to scalp coins

Devs do a great job connecting to the community but hopr still has a tiny footprint. Can’t even Google hopr without Google correcting it to hope or something else. It is completely reasonable that this could have flown below a ton of peoples radars who have great interest in the project.

I dont understand adopting a model that purposely excludes people that simply came to the party a little late but are excited otherwise and believe in the mission of the project.

Its also hard for me to believe that most people advocating for whitlist wallets do not have a financial incentive. Its fine if you do, but at least be honest about it. I’ll be honest, I am rather new to this community and I simply do not want to be excluded by this project.Its obvious if you whitelist wallets or only allow very few people to buy you are going to create an artificial scarcity which would benefit the initial holders.

The community 100% deserves something for pushing this project the way it has. I have only followed for a few days and I can see the grassroots support this place has. IT is exciting to see the engagement this community and its devs have for eachother.

All I am suggesting is that the newbies not totally be excluded. A lot of people saying only the members who have been in every testnet should get anything. That does not seem very fair to me. I wish I knew about this project a month ago, but I didn’t by chance. I would not be surprised if many people are in the same position


The suggestion is clear
All teatnet addresses are under assignment
Everyone has a 20,000 assignment at a $ 0.1 hopr
As for the rest of the new people who did not participate in testnet
So can a team work
Make a sale on coinlist in order for them to have an opportunity to buy and that the sale is a Dutch auction with a maximum of $ 500 per person
This is fair. You cannot put those who participated in testnet on the same side as those who did not
This is not discrimination, but those who have participated in testnet have made more effort for the success of the network and they deserve it
This is fair


One last thing everyone can enter and buy tokens on post-listing trading platforms
Nobody stops them from that
But those who participated in testnet and made the network successful deserve it for the effort they put into
another thing
The work team has to listen to the supporters and supporters of the project, because they have been here for nearly a year
As for the new ones, where were they before?
Obviously, they’re the ad masters in icodrop and start jumping in and crying out for the token and then flooding the market
Who comes first, first serves
That is why those who participated in testnet are the first in the sales process
Tank you very match


The way I see this, it is not easy to find this project on the internet.

I am constantly looking for new/interesting crypto projects through reddit/twitter/etc and only ended up researching HOPR a few days ago, by pure chance.

If I had found this project earlier, I would have participated on the testnets and the different stages, but that was not possible for me as for a hole lot of people that are just now finding it.

If there is a new testnet event, I would love to engage and participate. I created a virtual machine running Linux just to do so (since Windows was not officialy supported), but then found out that there are not ongoing tests right now.

My point being, thanks to all the people who already participated (not to mention the dev team) the project is where it is today, and Im gratefull for that, but I dont see why that would leave ouside of the project to all the people who just found out recently, with no chances to participate in anyway (for now at least).


Hello everybody. Participated in the last three testnets. Everything was organized at the highest level. I think the team will make the right decision on how the distribution of tokens will take place.


I’m sure we’ll find the best way to do it.


Hello, SCBuergel!

How about dividing a public sale into 2 stages:
Stage 1 - the sale of tokens to those who participated in testnets, with a guaranteed individual capitalization (for example, maximum $ 1-2k), the list of participants can be compiled on the basis of, for example, e-mail or personal ETH-wallet specified in the testnets.
Stage 2 - Balancer auction for everyone.


What ever you team will decide,testers to whitelist will be fair.


I suggest Installing a MiN / MAX саp for example $ 2000. Those who participated in the testnets receive a guaranteed allocation. The rest can participate on LBP.


I say everyone who is supporting the project should be given equal chance. Some may have heard about it at a later stage but they are ready to support the project. I think we should choose a date in immediate future and give all the people who’re a member of Hopr Telegram group to participate in Token sale. Once users completed some forms to express their willingness with unique ERC20 address, we’ll get exact user count and tokens can be divided among users and everyone will get a fair chance.

Maybe DEX is just the best option

I think that it’s nice and fair solution for all!

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i argee all of them!

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The best honest solution!

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I think nice solution!

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