HOP 9: São Paulo? (-27.5 N, -46.6 E) [SOLVED!]

You make your ninth hop, but end up somewhere unknown. Isn’t this supposed to be São Paulo? You try to recall what happened, but your memory is fuzzy. Did everything really happen today how you remember? If only there was some way to check back… It feels like something important has gone askew…

You see a man in a bright yellow jacket, and ask him where you are. He responds with more than one spurious claim…

“You’re not in Brazil, but they do claim this is South America. Although whether it’s Chile or Argentina, I can’t ever recall. It sounds like you’ve had a busy day. I’ve had one too (or so they claim!)”

“At three o’clock they claim I was in Australia.”

“At four-thirty they claim I was briefly in France, but I was soon in Australia again.”

“By six o’clock they claim I was in New Zealand.”

“At eight o’clock no-one seems to care where I was.”

“At ten o’clock I was in the UK, although they don’t all agree on that. I
met you shortly afterwards.”

“I haven’t travelled far, and always on foot.”

Where would they claim the man was at noon?

[Puzzle master’s note: There’s a short break until our 10th and final hop at 18:00 CET. If you’re unsure what to do until then, you’ve had enough information to find the secret destination for a while now…]


I think it could be Mexico

Norway …


I think this is Canada

In front of a globus

Australia i think _____________

Could it be Switzerland ?

i guess Swiss

Straight above ??? ??? (its the sun=)

Or maybe India. I think)

Germany !!!

Greenland maybe? :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

China :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Playing with the maps lol

Could it be Portugal?

it can be uruguay I guess

I think the ANswer is the UK

Corea maybe XDDD / /