HOPRators, we need your feedback

Several of our testnets (e.g., Basodino, Titlis) had a network page. This page let you see some basic information about nodes and the network. For the testnets, you could track how many points nodes had, see the registration tweet linked to the address and do some data sorting.

As you know we recently put out the Jungfrau release! This is great, but currently users who run nodes cannot see themselves within the bigger picture of the network. We’d love to have a similar network dashboard to our testnets, but one with a global long-term perspective (and of course less information exposing user identity, which was only needed when we were running promotions).

We already have some ideas about what network data could be shown:

– Total nodes connected to the network

– Total number of opened channels

– Average node uptime / quality

– Mainnet / node version

– Bootstrap address

Another goal is for users to get useful information about their own nodes in the context of the network. Some ideas here:

– Connectivity status (is the node online or not)

– Node uptime

– Node balance

– Number of open channels

– Number of connected peers

– How long your node has been running

These are just some initial ideas for metrics, mostly from the perspective of what would be most useful for the dev team. But since you’ll be the ones using the page, we’d love to get some feedback and more suggestions from you. We know you’ll have some great ideas which we can implement to improve HOPR network transparency and usability.

Please reply to this post with suggestions for data you’d like to see displayed on a HOPR network dashboard. (Remembering that HOPR is first and foremost a privacy project!)


It would be nice to have a world density map to see where the nodes are. I suppose knowing the number of nodes aggregated by country is not revealing too much data to be a privacy concern.


As rewards will be dependent on the amount of HOPR stacked, it could be useful to have a on overview of the distribution of HOPR stacked (min, max, distribution curve/table?) and an associated metric highlighting at which percentile our node is.


A vehicle like gauge to show the efficiency of your node. Taking into account HOPR staked, network connection, and connected peers. Sort of a “health” meter.


possible you can implement integration with graphana and up graphana server…
I think that will be enough

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I also wanted to suggest a world map map/globe that shows how distributed the hopr network already is. Or what countries have most nodes/staked.

It would also be nice to get stats on how much hopr is currently staked in the network in total and what the network is worth at current prices at that point.

Is it possible to know how much data is flowing through our nodes? Or a leaderboard on who is processing the most data, maybe which countries are processing the most.


It would be good to know how many nodes are running in total, how much traffic our nodes are processing, the amount of reward accumulated and of course the health of the node.

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I can likely run nodes in 5 different locations and would like to see the health status as well as the cumulative and individual statistics of all nodes in my group on a single dashboard.

Current cost per transaction.(in HOPR and/or USD)

Average HOPRator reward per transaction/day/month/year.

Actual local reward per transaction/day/month/year.(ability to compare your node to the herd)

Total nodes, total connect peers, and total HOPR staked, etc. as suggested already. (map view would work fine)

I like the “health” meter idea from Lukey.(above)

Display connectivity interruptions, downtime, tools/suggestions for improving uptime, etc.

Alert option such as an email if a node has an issue or goes offline.

Read access to logfile from UI.

Read access to dbschema from UI.

Simple UI for read only queries to the db.

Adjust hoprd documentation and / or script so hoprd runs in the background, the user can log out, and log file data is not written to screen.


It would be good to see the amount of data being processed on the network, almost like a loading gauge and maybe a rank as to the nodes which are running the highest percentage of that, almost like what we saw for the test nodes?

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%HD space used by the node
%RAM mem used by the node
%of peer connection failures

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Hey really good ideas, thanks Evilar. I would like to double check with you. You mean to get the overview of rewards distribution by staked HOPR?

Thanks Lukey for great thoughts. How you can relate “health” meter with staked HOPR? Or you mean network connection & connected peers with your node could be related to “health” meter.

Cool ideas thanks Cranium ;)

Thanks thats a great idea!

Hey Andrew,

I was not necessarily thinking of a distribution of the rewards (although this could also be useful!), but a statistical distribution of the HOPR staked.

That is, having an overview, for the whole network, on how much HOPR are staked, and how the statistical distribution looks like. Some nodes will have 10’000 HOPR others 1000 HOPR, or 100 HOPR etc. It would be great to know how many nodes with 10’000 HOPR, 1000 HOPR, 100 HOPR stacked are on the networks, and to have our relative position compared to the rest of the network.



Hey Miamper thanks for your ideas. How you imagine what metrics could describe health of the node?

Cool thank you Evilar for brief and clear explanation!

Hey Emmerson thank you for your ideas. Could you describe your thoughts on “Read access to logfile from UI”, “Read access to dbschema from UI.”, “Simple UI for read only queries to the db.” why you need this?

Current cost per transaction.(in HOPR and/or USD) - about which transaction you are talking about? gas costs?

Thanks for documention idea on running hoprd in background.

Thanks ptrnull ;)