Proposal: 1)34% on team, 2)33% on new cex, 3)33% on marketing before listing


1)34% to expand the team. For example, acquiring new blockchain security specialists.
2)33% listing on one popular and liquid CEX.
3)33% marketing company before listing on CEX.


  1. Team expansion will speed up work on the main network
  2. Listing to the popular cex will bring additional demand and hence the stability of the token price
  3. against the background of information about listing on cex, the marketing campaign will bring the most effective results


1)Searching for blockchain specialists / freelancers on websites with job offers
2) Analysis of available centralized exchanges according to the budget.
3) Marketing campaign according to the budget:

  • Sponsored Placements in Popular Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups



Percentage budget change is delegated to the team.


Thanks for this, but I’m afraid we need a lot more implementation and budget detail before this could be a valid proposal. You can find more information and a template which might be useful here:


I edited the proposal

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Thanks. I retagged this as valid and added it to the official proposal list here:

Anyone who supports this proposal, sign it by following that link and clicking the heart (like) button under the post.

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Very practical.