UPDATED: PROPOSALS: Making proposals, validity rules and template

Hi everyone. To help produce clear and useful proposals, here’s a run down on the procedure for making proposals and some rules for what makes a valid proposal. I’ll also include a template to help easily hit all the points we need.


To be valid, a proposal will need to provide a few specific pieces of information.

  • What? A description of what you’re proposing
  • Why? An explanation of how this proposal will benefit the HOPR project, community, or ecosystem
  • How? Information on how the proposal might be implemented. This doesn’t need to be super detailed, but vague proposals like “MORE MARKETING!” with no extra information aren’t enough.
  • How much? An estimate and justification of how many DAI should be allocated to the proposal. Again, this can be a rough estimate. We just want to see that people have thought about costings. We hope to implement multiple proposals, and we don’t want to exclude small targeted suggestions (not every proposal needs a $100k+ budget).

In addition to this information, proposals also need to be possible to implement, legal to implement, and to be in accordance with the HOPR values and code of conduct.


To make a proposal, simply create a thread with PROPOSAL in the title.

Because there’s so much enthusiasm around this topic, and we want to give the discussion a chance to mature, we won’t be creating official proposals until 48 hours have elapsed.

Once 48 hours have passed, the moderators will go through the proposal threads and mark proposals as valid, invalid, or incomplete.

Invalid proposals will receive an explanation for why they’re invalid. It may be possible to fix this, but will require a lot of work.

Incomplete proposals will be missing some details to become valid. The moderator reply will explain what is missing.

Valid proposals will be added to the official proposal thread and LOCKED. From this point on, a proposal cannot be edited, only deleted. So make sure you’re happy with all the details before you mark a thread as a proposal.

To support a proposal, go to the proposal thread and click the heart (like) button. This will count as your signature on the proposal. Proposals need 3% support to reach the referendum stage.


Below you’ll find a template for creating a proposal that meets all these requirements. You don’t have to follow this template, but you might find it useful.


A short, clear description of your proposal. When you want to make this official, add “PROPOSAL:” to the front and the moderators will check it.


In this section, describe your proposal. You don’t need to lay out every single detail, but it should be clear what you’re proposing and


In this section, explain how your proposal will benefit the HOPR project. In particular, we want proposals that will grow the project, so proposals which simply reward existing token holders are likely to be marked as invalid.


In this section, give details of how your proposal might be implemented. This doesn’t need to be super precise, but you should demonstrate that you’ve thought about what needs to be done and how it might be achieved. Proposals like “spend more on marketing” are not precise enough.


There are $150k DAI to spend, but not every proposal needs a $100k+ budget (also we hope to implement multiple proposals). In this section you should set a budget and explain why you’ve picked that amount. Again, this doesn’t need to be super precise, but we need to see that you’ve given some thought to what things actually cost.

This is also the point where you should explain about any HOPR token allocation which might be needed to supplement your proposal (not all proposals will need this).