PROPOSAL #1: 4 Chains 4 DEXs

I suggest distributing the HOPR liquidity among the top decentralized exchanges of the top four most used EVM-compatible blockchains.

I believe the majority of the liquidity should be kept in the Ethereum blockchain due to its higher user base and security. It is important to note that the current Uniswap liquidity will presumably decrease when the HOPR farm comes to an end.

This is my suggested HOPR liquidity distribution:

  • Ethereum Uniswap v2 40% in the HOPR-DAI pair . After the HOPR Farm ends, move all the Uniswap liquidity to Uniswap v3 (0.3% fee tier, unlimited price range). I don’t think it makes sense to spread the liquidity between other DEXs in Ethereum like Balancer or SushiSwap because all users that trade on Ethereum know Uniswap.

  • xDAI Honeyswap 20% in the HOPR-xDAI pair . Since HOPR nodes run on the xDAI chain, sounds logical to have plenty of liquidity there

  • BSC Pancakeswap 20% in the HOPR-DAI pair . With its massive user base, many new people will discover HOPR. HOPR-BUSD may be an alternative but I believe there is enough DAI liquidity so HOPR DAO can avoid swapping DAI to BUSD.

  • Polygon Quickswap 20% in the HOPR-DAI pair . Polygon (formerly Matic) trading volume and user activity has been surging lately, and Quickswap seems the most used DEX there.


Thanks to @iicc for this proposal!

You can see the original proposal and discussion here: Proposal: 4 Chains 4 DEXs - #13 by iicc

Feel free to continue to discuss this proposal there.

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