PROPOSAL #11: Uniswap V3 DAI-HOPR 60% / PancakeSwap HOPR-BUSD 40%

[This proposal comes from @Harakatiru. You can find the original here. To support this proposal, sign it using the like (heart) button below this post]

Most popular DEXs, with a lot of transactions. Stablecoins to minimize risks.

  • Uniswap V3 DAI-HOPR 60% Fess: 0.3% Price range: Unlimited
    Ethereum Network

  • PancakeSwap HOPR-BUSD 40%
    Binance Smart Chain

  • Establish a HOPR bridge between Binance Smart Chain and xDai Chain.

In Ethereum, one DEX is enough, no need to place liquidity on Uniswap clones.

BSC transactions are fast and cheap, PancakeSwap now generates more transactions than any other DEX.
PancakeSwap may have Farms option, Pancake developers can independently add Farm to LP pair, community can also make a request. This could significantly attract liquidity and new HOPR buyers.

No Honeyswap? Honeyswap does not have unique instruments, so there is no need to spray liquidity on this exchanger.
OmniBridge can transfer DAI between BSC and xDai Chain.
It will be possible to buy both DAI and HOPR, after transferring them across the bridges.

Other networks Polygon, Solana, Avalanche will probably have bridges to BSC or Ethereum, which will make it possible to buy HOPR and DAI, then transfer them to xDai Chain for placement on node.