PROPOSAL #3: We do not need more than one DEX! Move all liquidity to Uniswap v3

My current proposal:

  1. No new DEX exchanges in other networks.
  2. After the HOPR Farm competitions ends, move all the Uniswap liquidity to Uniswap v3 (fee tier: 0.30%, price range: unlimited).
    My current proposal:

I think we do not need more DEX in another blockchains (networks).
Ethereum uniswap is ok.


  1. Our 24h volume is too small - only ~$600000-$650000.
  2. Our main blockchain is ethereum. Tokens migration (for example, with bridge) to another blockchain - it’s commission. VERY big commission (~$100). It’s not working solution!
  3. If you want sell/buy token without uniswap commission - send tokens to (~$20). It’s MORE-MORE-MORE cheaper than token migration to another blockchain. No one will transfer the token to another network with $100 commission, if he can sell this token with small commission. Please, think two steps ahead!
  4. If we split our pools to 2-3 DEX exchanges - it will be too small pools with too small liquidity. And one big whale (or big token amount) can drop token price very easy (and start panic on others blochkains). Why You Need It?
  5. Don’t step on the rake again. We already had testers tokens distribution for DAI with “small commission” and… after… bridge to ethereum for $150-$200 :) Think two steps ahead!
  6. We are technologies project. No trading project. We need good technologies, not financial speculation.
  7. Added after discussion with MoreObfuscated:
    We already have 2 blockchain now - ETH and xDai. How many people transfer their tokens to trade in Honeyswap? Totally no liquidity. And don’t forget - all test tokens were claimed in xDai network! And still there is no liquidity. And you want more and more DEX “zombie” exchanges? :) It’s not working solution.

Please think about future!

We are too small to split on blockchains.

Together we are power, separately we are nothing!


Thanks to @svd for this proposal!

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