Proposal #4: Notice and Complaint Dapp

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Notice and Complaint Dapp.

•Citizens who will report and complain are hesitant or afraid to notify the departments of state institutions on matters they are sure or suspect, because they think that the confidentiality of their identity information cannot be protected.
•For this reason, ninety percent of the citizens do not complain or report.

•They may lack information about damages or bad events that all government agencies can prevent in advance.

•If governments want their citizens to help and make sacrifices in covert crimes and precedent matters, they must first consider the safety of their citizens. Because all kinds of information can be sold for money in official authorities. If you don’t want humans to be three monkeys, all you need is a 100 percent privacy-focused Dapp. The only answer to this need is the HOPR protocol.

•All countries have to develop Dapp for notification and complaint to all their institutions regarding both internal and external relations.
In this way, all kinds of issues that may pose a threat to the state, citizens, animals and all other living things are informed and prevented in advance.

•Thanks to the metadata privacy of the HOPR ecosystem, government agencies will develop such Dapps, citizens’ information will be fully protected and the world will be a safer place.

•There are such interfaces that governments use in their departments but there is no element of privacy or protection whatsoever. Government departments are always thought to be safe, but people are always afraid of being exposed. In other words, the main purpose is to reach and interact with these departments easily, but at the same time to keep our identity confidential.

•People can complain and report on matters that concern them, and this is their most natural right. But when it comes to issues that concern others or the state, they choose to remain unresponsive because they do not want to be disclosed. No matter how civilized and developed a country is, identities are somehow exposed.

Police Departments, Health Institutions, Finance Institutions, Municipalities, Social Insurance Institutions, Intelligence Agencies and all government ministries

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