PROPOSAL 5: Online Marketing

Boosting awareness in crypto involves a constant stream of content creation, promotion, events, and community interactions. From AMAs to podcasts to PR boosts, it’s time consuming and resource intensive.

This proposal would allocate HOPR tokens to fund online marketing initiatives that promote awareness of the HOPR project and token.

IMPORTANT: This proposal is only for applications where HOPR tokens can be used directly as prizes, incentives, or payment. For broader applications, the HOPR Association encourages making a proposal in the DAI part of the vote.


I like it. DAI can also be used along with the HOPR’s.

Yes, online marketing have different ways, some of them can be very effective.
So it’s good proposal.

This is great proposal. I have learned about hoper and how to set up my own node from the internet, youtube influencer ChicoCrypto. That made me go down the rabbit whole and dig deeper to learn more. I am sure if there would be more online marketing, more people will get involved and will set up their nodes.

I can see what Filipzem says, I too loved the project and jumped in to buy HOPR, buy an Avado node and set up another node on my PC. But then you have huge periods of yawning and waiting. However, I listen to many AMA’s where not much is said, and that is boring. AMA prior to IDO launches, or mainnets are always more exciting and get people involved, but like I said in a couple of other proposals, I think we would quickly run out of ‘amazing’ things to say… you may lose peoples interest. I am not in favor of this yet, until HOPR has something bigger to say.

More awareness can not possibly hurt.

I am not sure giving away Hopr tokens as incentives is a great idea to market the ecosystem. Most people would sell the awarded Hopr right away.

This idea is nice, but it should be done with a plan to prevent the sale of Hopr tokens. It can be done, for example, by locking into the staking contract. In this way, they are encouraged to earn more.

This is a great idea. We need marketing. Crypto space, whether we like it or not is about number of users in each project, and it can be only achieved with good marketing strategies.

I do agree with the fact that we need better marketing. However, these PR operations take a lot of planning and need to be done professionally. Giving away tokens may cause sell pressure.

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I mentioned this a long time ago on the telegram channel, marketing is important but choosing the appropriate outlets for said marketing is just as important.(Telegram: Contact @hoprnet) The handful of telegram AMA’s that Sebastian has participated in just seem like a waste of time to me because the audience is too small. Free marketing is wonderful but if you only reach 100 people is it worth an hour or more of Sebastian’s time?


I feel this topic will gain way more importance once the mainnet network is live/about to go live.
Of course you can and have to perform marketing activities also before a product is available, but these efforts will be way more efficient once it is actually (about to be) released.

At the end of the day, marketing will help HOPR, more investors mean more people using HOPR.

I like the proposal. My five cents are:

  • Think about a specific target group (of investors)

  • Timing will be important. With a productive mainnet things will be easy than now.

I am really behind this proposal.