Proposal: Divide into 4 DEX

I propose to divide the pool into four parts.

  1. Uniswap - HOPR/DAI, 30% (we leave part of the liquidity).
  2. Pancake - HOPR/BUSD, 25%. Pancake has a lot of users, which means hopr will get a lot of publicity. Low gas.
  3. Honeyswap - HOPR/xDAI,25%. Hopr is already working in the xDai, Nodes working with xDai. It is logical to create liquidity here.
  4. Raydium DEX on solana with HOPR/USDC - 20% (Maybe someone from our community can suggest the best dex on Solana such as Serum or other). Solana has a very “fast blockchain” and low fees. Many partnerships and a large community that is growing.It will be good for hopr.

Thus, we will be able to cover a fairly large segment of the crypto space.

This doesn’t include xdai. How does that work?

Hi. Thanks for posting, but I’m afraid this proposal is currently invalid. I’ve therefore tagged this as incomplete. You need to specify the precise distribution of the liquidity, not just where it should go. Full validity rules can be found here.

Valuable remark, thanks. Made changes.