Proposal: Implement performance check tool

As an application developer, before starting development, I need to understand the HOPR network speed to answer the question - “Is it acceptable for my application?”

I propose to write a web utility / dapp that will allow you to measure network speed, and which any developer can use without implementing it from scratch on their own.

Sample metrics:
Sending speed KB/sec
Receiving speed KB/sec


Thanks for the proposal @fatcatdog. I’ve marked this as pending for the tech team to review. It sounds useful, but I’m not familiar enough with the protocol to know how feasible it would be to build (it sounds fine, but I know that some metrics are actually impossible to gauge because of how HOPR is set up).


I also agree with the ‘sounds useful’ statement!


Thanks for the suggestion @fatcatdog!

@thewanderingeditor On the tech end, this is something that can be build already, either by using hopr-core package or the API.
A small addition to this would be to also collect ticket statistics.

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@fatcatdog I’ve marked this proposal as valid. Feel free to update to include @nioni’s suggestion (unlike previous DAO experiments, it’s fine to update valid proposals after moderation - just don’t change it too much or it may need to be remoderated)

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Thank you, guys. I’ll study the API a bit and try to complete the description.


Thank you for bringing it here @fatcatdog - we need it.

thank you!

good, I’m waiting for the details


is it really needs


Good day yesterday! A great idea given the bandwidth problems in the test network, the issue of scalability will be acute.

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i think it’s necessary, agree with you

I like the idea and would find it useful! I’m curious what other metrics would be useful to developers? Latency, errors, cost?

I think it will be very useful for developers

thank you

Agreed, latency should actually be number one since for an app this informs heavily how UX must work. Also bandwidth is dependent on latency within the HOPR network.

And as @nioni said, this proposal, while not very specific yet, is very reasonable and useful.