[Proposal] VPN Replacement

Let’s create a HOPR version of a VPN to allow for better privacy protection. I would envision a yearly or monthly subscription to this service to allow for recurring revenue similar to a VPN service…maybe even payable in HOPR tokens :)

Desktop and Mobile versions should be available.

Implementation of this proposal could involve partnerships or grants with like-minded projects wanting to build this functionality on top of the HOPR protocol. Mysterium/Sentinel were suggested as possible partner(s) for this project but we should be open to best fit, grants, quality, costs, etc.

This would likely be a pay for use service or be paid for by running a node, however, there is potential that the dApp partner could be required to collect fees from their users, then pass a portion of those fees onto node runners. This could potentially be done by having he dApp partner inject additional payment tickets into the HOPR protocol to be randomly distributed to payment lottery ticket winners.


Great Idea

This should be a universal need

I support the idea but there are other companies already doing that. I think it would be a wasted effort when HOPR can just partner with one or all of them. See my post titled HOPR Support for MYSTERIUM/SENTINEL

total agree

Great idea @Emmerson_Biggins - I see this comes up in a variety of flavors either for VPNs or web browsing, so I guess this has to happen!


Great idea @Emmerson_Biggins
Mobile version of VPN replacement software using Hopr protocol will also solve many issues such as messengers metadata privacy.

Looks like HPN is the next big development on the Hopr Scene!

The HOPR team has been very clear that they want others to build on top of HOPR so they can focus on the HOPR protocol itself. I fully support their stance on that. If Mysterium/Sentinel happen to be the right partner(s), that is GREAT. There definitely seems to be a need/want for such a product but I would not want to pigeon-hole us into considering them and them alone as a future partner. I am sure it will happen in some form or another and will happily support the team in choosing the right partners.

VPN consumes large bandwidth resource and right now might be a huge “hop” to squeeze other possible apps and potential networks stability. Instead, a VPN limited to some apps/actions only will play a good fit, (for example, snapshot vote). In general, I like the idea while we need to think about a good phase for this idea.

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Good idea. I support VPN proposition.

This should be looked at. Nice!

I support your idea

VPN on HOPR, I like this concept!

VPN with full participation or directly supported by HOPR, great idea!

If it was a fee paying service, it could generate new revenue for node runners

Interesting addition @MonkeyTennis . Potentially negotiate with the dApp partner to have them inject additional payment tickets into the HOPR protocol based on hops, bandwidth, number of users, etc., etc.

maybe someone can enlight me:

I get it, how the h0pR network can scramble the DNS of the original request. But at the point, where the data is feed into the network, this DNS would still be on record. And if this would be my h0pR node, I would be linked to the request. Is this right?

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I like this idea!

Fully support!