Proposal : Web Wallet for Node Runners

As we all know, the nodes we set up have a wallet address, but we do not have mnemonic. We need to take a backup of the db file. db file is not safe even if we back it up. Our node wallet address changes with each node setup. It should be a web wallet instead. 12 words are mine. We just need to install the Node by entering the identity key of our wallet address. To put it briefly, I think our wallet should not be in a node.


I like this idea, with this we wont also lose our xhopr and xdai which is on node??

I would prefere a metamask option, where I can lock my tokens for a specific node (or node address). Something similar to the h0pR-staking-Interface.

Yes, you can’t lose both. You already send xdai and xhopr to the same wallet.

This is certainly a pain point, and there has been some thinking on this before:

Might be interesting to spec this out in more detail.

Good stuff, shared a strategy to approach this in another topic. This idea spans from a GitHub issue already shared by @bot (thanks, was looking that one yesterday).

A good idea to solve the problem of losing tokens (forgot to withdraw) after the test.

A good wallet is essential.

Not just for testnet. It will also be important when cover traffic is ready.

this is definitely a good idea. the funds shouldn’t be on the node

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I like this a lot and think it would be very helpful. The credentials to add the node’s wallet address to an application like MetaMask are available, but there’s nothing in the documentation about it that I’ve seen. I had to figure it out on my own.

I’m not sure if this should be part of this proposal, but I’d like an option to “withdraw all” to an address of my choosing. Right now, due to gas fees, etc. folks may be leaving a small portion of their funds in the node’s wallet. This isn’t a huge deal since it would hopefully be less than a couple cents, but it would make the whole withdrawal process much easier.

Thanks for this suggestion, @OuTLaWz_1903!

I think it probably needs a few more implementation details before it can be assessed for validity. You can find the validity guidelines here: