Secondary Proposal - How much should the HOPR DAO contribute to a Hats vault?

How many HOPR tokens should the DAO add to a Hats vault securing the HOPR staking program?

The HOPR Association will be contributing 1m HOPR tokens. How many tokens should the DAO add to boost this amount?

This vote will only pass if the primary vote passes. If you think the correct amount is 0 tokens, please ignore this proposal and vote No on the primary proposal.

How many tokens should the HOPR DAO contribute to the Hats vault?

  • 250,000
  • 500,000
  • 750,000
  • 1,000,000
  • 1,250,000
  • 1,500,000
  • 2,000,000
  • 2,500,000
  • 3,000,000

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The HOPR Association is contributing 1M $HOPR, which equals roughly 60k$.
This would put HOPR (if I read it correctly) in spot 5 concerning vault size.

To me, it feels like as if the DAO should roughly double that vault size.

However, some questions arise in this context:

How would this happen? E.g. by withdrawing liquidty from pools? Or does the DAO own also free-floating assets?
How much AUM does the DAO currently have?


In general, the “default” is to take funds out of the Uni v3 pool on mainnet. Other assets in other places have been allocated there as a result of previous DAO votes, and in general it feels like it would need a separate DAO decision to move those.

This is the sort of thing I need to think about when it comes to evolving the DAO processes though.


We need to consider next risks by increasing the HOPR amount such as:

  • Security audits do not eliminate risks completely. Smart contract audits were made 2 years ago.
  • Governance risks. The governance does control the protocol parameters such as withdrawal request period, withdrawal period, and allocation points per vault. Those parameters can affect the reward given to hackers and the availability of user funds for withdrawal.

Please also read Hats Finance smart contract audit - hats-contracts/Hats Finance-final audit report.pdf at develop · hats-finance/hats-contracts · GitHub


Sorry, I realized that the spread of the poll should be slightly larger. I had to delete and reupload it. If you already voted, please vote again.

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These are good points. I’m inviting Hats to add more background information like this once they join the forum

The HOPR Association would create the committee which manages the vault. There is scope for adding DAO members as well if the DAO thinks this makes sense, probably at a lower security level.

There are mechanisms for rewarding people for this work as part of the Hats platform


1M $h0pR from DAO, to double the Associations contribution?

Sure thing!!!


Okay, that sounds reasonable to me!! :slight_smile:

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1m sounds good.


both 1m is nice!

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3m hopr good

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I think 1M is a reasonable amount. In case everything goes well and more amount is required because of more vulnerabilities, good. We can vote again.


1M good for hopr



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Same thinking, double what has been defined as a reasonable amount by the association


Security is an important area. 2 million will be enough.

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500k seems reasonable for me.


1 million seems like the reasonable amount and majority seems to agree so far

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Yes, match the ammount from HOPr. Seems fair to me

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1 million seems like a reasonable amount. Is there a plan to take the amount from different liquidity pools are all just one?