Some Important Context


The goal of this governance experiment is to delegate management of a portion of the HOPR DAO liquidity pool to an external service. The HOPR DAO controls a significant amount of liquidity, but without active management it’s hard to make good use of these funds. DeFi has evolved significantly in the 18 months since the HOPR token launched, and passively leaving millions of dollars in a few pools is an increasingly suboptimal approach.

Our community and DAO aren’t really mature enough to take a more active approach to management internally.

Available Funds
After the launch of the HOPR token, 100% of funds raised were moved to a Uniswap pool on the Ethereum chain in a HOPR-DAI pair. After the first DAO experiment, these funds stayed in the pool, but were transitioned to a Uni v3 pool.

The most recent DAO experiment saw the funds diversified somewhat. 500k of liquidity was moved to Gnosis Chain on the Swapr DEX. Another 250k was earmarked for a Uniswap pool on Gnosis Chain, although this has been delayed because Uni integration to Gnosis still hasn’t happened.

A further 250k of liquidity was moved to a HOPR-ETH pair on mainnet.

It’s the two mainnet pools which are under consideration in this vote.

HOPR-DAI pair on Uni v3 6.8m TVL
HOPR-ETH pair on Uni v3 200k TVL

The HOPR Association’s position is that is would make sense to delegate control of a portion of this (e.g., $500k) to an external management service, on a trial basis, with the option to transfer a lot more in 2023 if things go well. However, it’s obviously up to the DAO how much funds to commit, if any.


why does it take so long to integrate uniswap on xdai chain? is that not just a copy and paste job?

I am little wary of the new sexy tools when it comes to smart contracts risk in DeFi for such a large sum. Those are new protocols that haven’t passed the test of time.
I mean I’d probably not trust these protocols for myself, and I own peanuts, so I personally wouldn’t want to risk the entire DAO fund in it.
I’d be very conservative with the amount of funds that we allocate to them, including if things go well in 2023.
We do not absolutely need to be super performant or efficient. W
But we absolutely need to not be rekt.

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The issue was something to do with bridging. The original plan was to use Nomad, but then there was a hack. I don’t know why it’s been so difficult to find an alternative.

There was an explanation on the Uniswap governance forums which I’ll try to dig out.

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