UPDATED: Governance Platform Proposals

This forum subcategory is reserved for proposals related to the new Governance Platform to manage governance within the HOPR ecosystem.

This topic is related to, but separate from, the decisions surrounding the HOPR Community Trust governance processes.

There are three proposals related to a new planned governance platform which we call Lexicon. Each proposal will have its own thread [links being added over the next hour].

In brief, Lexicon would be a set of tools for managing decentralized governance. Entities to be governed would register on the platform, and they would be matched with the relevant token holders.

Proposal: Register the Community Trust on the Lexicon governance platform

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We believe this is the best setup for the HOPR Community Trust governance, but on consultation with lawyers and others in the space, there seems to be clear interest in expanding this beyond the HOPR ecosystem. As such, we think this is another good opportunity for the community to invest in something at ground level, rather than going to VCs (I’m particularly concerned about VC control of a decentralized governance project - the incentives are not well aligned)

Proposal: Provide 50,000 DAI to fund the creation and initial development of the Lexicon governance platform

This funding would be used to cover legal costs, setup costs and fund the initial development of prototype modules which can be used to apply for web3 grants. There are a lot of opportunities for modest-sized grants (<50k) in web3 right now, but success would be more likely after some initial prototyping.

Proposal: Reclaim 20,000 DAI from DAO v0.2 to contribute to funding the Lexicon governance platform

To support this funding request, we’re proposing to claw back some unspent funds from DAO v0.2, which are proving very difficult to allocate.

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