FURTHER UPDATE Vote Phase: Process and Updated Schedule

Hi guys. The vote phase was due to begin at 2pm CEST on Thursday 31st on our official Snapshot Space at Snapshot.

Unfortunately we’ve run into a technical issue with Snapshot (yes, this seems to happen regularly, this is one of the low hanging fruit to fix with Lexicon)

In light of this, and because there were some delays due to sickness earlier in the discussion phase, which is still producing great insights, the new schedule will be:

  • Vote opens: Monday 4th September 2pm CEST
  • Vote closes: Sunday 10th September 2pm CEST

In brief, everything worked fine when I tested last weekend, but for some reason Snapshot now can’t query one of our subgraphs, which means it doesn’t correctly count people’s staked HOPR. There’s a dummy proposal currently running if you would like to help test.

Proposals will be grouped as they currently are in the various subcategories. So, there will be 13 proposals in all:

All proposals will be Yes / No options. If the primary proposal fails, the secondary proposals will automatically fail, regardless of support. If a proposal about parameters fails, on Monday 11th we will immediately start a new, shorter governance round to set alternate parameters. (I feel this two-stage approach is better than just canvassing for arbitrary numbers to fill out the choices.)


After working with the Snapshot team, the subgraph issue seems to be fixed and the strategy is calculating vote power correctly


FURTHER UPDATE: Apologies for the continued delay. Snapshot has introduced proposal limits since the last time we ran a multi-proposal governance experiment. It only triggered when I tried to create the various proposals on the space. I’m talking to them to try to expedite the verification process, but it could take up to 72 hrs…

I’ve tentatively rescheduled the already listed proposals to begin on Wednesday. We will of course push back the end time of the vote to ensure voting time isn’t reduced. Discussion can continue as needed.

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Hi @thewanderingeditor,

Many thanks for the updates, can you also post in announcement’s on the Discord as I read any updates and chat every day, unlike the Forum which is a lot more sporadic with accessing it this end.

Many thanks


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