PROPOSAL 3: DAO approved grants for dapp development

[This proposal comes from @Emmerson_Biggins. You can view and discuss the original proposal here:

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Allow developers to apply for grant funding that will enable them to create applications on top of the HOPR protocol that are in-line with the HOPR core values. DAO members would then vote on the grant proposals and the funding to be awarded.


There must be real-world use-cases for HOPR to grow and become more widely adopted. Useful, high-quality, high-value applications will create a network effect and aid with the mass adoption of the HOPR protocol.


Proposals that meet all requirements can be voted on by the DAO. The DAO or HOPR team should suggest what type of applications would add the most value and potentionally set spending limits on application categories and potentially stipulate that certain categories or application types be not-for-profit and freely available for anyone to use.


The grant proposal should clearly explain funding requirements which can be reviewed as part of the DAO voting process. Overall funding can be all or a portion of the available DAI the DAO controls. I would suggest a deadline for grant proposal submission and reviewing those proposals first before allocating any of the available funding. If there are any proposals in part or in whole worth using the entire allotment of funding, it can be available. I could easily see one third to one half of the available funding leftover for other projects though. This will simply depend on the proposals being submitted and it should be reasonably easy to determine if a grant proposal’s effort is in-line with its funding requirements. In addition to the DAI allocation, a provision of HOPR tokens could be allocated to worthy grant proposals in the future.