Uni V3 Validity requirements

A note from @SCBuergel on UniV3:

"Uni V3 has a couple of very profound implications:

Uni V3 is very capital efficient because it allows you to deploy the liquidity over a narrow range. The cool thing is that this let’s you also earn a lot more fees than you previously (in V2) could with the same amount of capital.

What is less obvious is that you will only be left with only one token if the price moves out of the range that you chose when adding liquidity. Even less obvious - though totally not a secret - is that you are left with the less desirable token in either case."

Uni v3 also lets you set a fee for your liquidity among several tiers, in contract to the fixed 0.3% of Uni v2. The fee tiers available for each trading pair are 0.05%, 0.30%, and 1%. The HOPR Association strongly recommends sticking to the standard 0.3%.

Both of these topics are explained in greater depth here.

What this means for the current discussion, is that all proposals which involve moving liquidity to Uni v3 must specify both the fee tier and the price range (even if the price range is unlimited).

I’ll update the validity requirements post to reflect this. I’m afraid this means that @iicc’s proposal has moved back to being incomplete. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’ll continue to look into the proposed DEXs to see if there are other liquidity requirements which need to be added.